Alicia knows that tragedy has come when her teenage son does not return home from school on time. Michael made a wrong move in a place surrounded by dangerous threats—a leap into the dark that completely transforms their lives.


Alicia and Michael, her teenage son, live in a palafitic neighborhood in Tumaco, an area in the Colombian Pacific that concentrates all the beauty and also the terror of this country. She knows that the armed group, which controls her neighborhood, can recruit her son at any time. It is why she guards him, watches over him and protects him.  But one day, Michael does not return from school and she begins a frantic search that will lead her to face her worst fears, finding the way out in the love and solidarity of her people.

Shooting: November 2021



format_list_bulletedFicha técnica

Colombia/ Mexico/ Germany

Coproduction: Autentika Film (Germany) MartFilms (Mexico)

90 min

Direction: Patricia Ayala Ruiz

Production: Margarita Herrera

DOP: Mauricio Vidal

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Colombian Film Development Fund

Ibermedia Coproduction Fund

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